Martial Arts

Netbook of Martial Arts

Here's my work so far:

(1993) Original Street Fighter Kit made in.
(4/3/98) The work up of the Street Fighter class using the character class creation rules I've made up under the AD&D section of my page.
(4/3/98) The class itself written out.
(4/7/98) A few Kits to get the feel of Martial Artists in AD&D.
(4/9/98) My verion of Martial Arts AD&D my style.
(1/1/99) A Kensai Fighting Style.
(1/1/99) Expanded Archery for OA.

Here's Martial Artists that others have worked on:

If you are the person who created these Mail Me

Aldoran Martial Arts: by Ian R Malcomson Basic Martial Arts style built using Orental Adventures.
Chi Figher: This one's pretty good.
Kensai: I really like this one.
Martial Artist: This one took quite a bit of effort.
Martial Arts: Martial Arts from another point of view.
Monk: This one's ok.
Monks Revisited: by Tim Rivera
Thri-Kreen: Martial arts for the mantis warrior in your life!

The following two works were made by
Jesse Dean for his World of Vadaris:

The Bugei: A very good martial arts kit (somewhat overpowered IMO) but still very good.
Martial Arts of Vadaris: Martial Arts styles created according to the rules in the The Complete Ninja's Handbook for his campaign world.

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