Monks Revisited

By Tim Rivera (

Description: Monks are ascetics who learn their skills at a monastary. Their spiritual training empasizes the simultaneous development of mind and body as a path to understading and enlightenment. Perfection for them lies in perfect control of their own spirit - achieving harmony between mind and body. To this end they become masters of combat forms, both armed and unarmed - not to become great fighters, but to learn their physical powers and limitations. At the same time they undergo a rigorous mental discipline, honing their minds to perceive and understand the mysteries of the cosmos. Although they can perform incredible physical and mental feats, they cannot perform ceremonies or cast spells. Monks are attached to a monastary but do not receive the religous training that makes a priest, and are not considered clergy.
Monks are the guardians of knowledge, and value knowledge very highly. Monks were originally seekers of knowledge who gathered at a monastary. Knowledge of martial arts is especially valuable, to defend the monastary from those who would seek to destroy the knowledge which monks hold so dear.

Requirements: Only humans can become monks. Because of the discipline required in their training, monks must always be Lawful. Monks must also have the following minimum ability scores: Strength 15, Dexterity 15, Constitution 11, and Wisdom 15. Monks have no prime requisite.

Character Creation: Monks have the same hit dice, THAC0, and saving throws as Rogues. Their experience and titles are as follows:
Level Experience Title Level Experience Title
1 0 Novice 11 220,000 Superior Master
2 1,500 Initiate of Rudiments 12 400,000 Master of Dragons
3 3,000 Initiate of Elements 13 650,000 Master of the North Wind
4 6,000 Initiate of Priciples 14 900,000 Master of the West Wind
5 12,000 Brother 15 1,150,000 Master of the South Wind
6 25,000 Disciple 16 1,400,000 Master of the East Wind
7 40,000 Disciple of Secrets 17 1,650,000 Master of Winter
8 70,000 Disciple of Mysteries 18 1,900,000 Master of Autumn
9 110,000 Immaculate 19 2,200,000 Master of Summer
10 160,000 Master 20 2,500,000 Master of Spring
21 2,800,000 Grandmaster of Flowers

Weapon Proficiencies: Monks may become proficient with any weapon, but most favor exotic oriental weapons. Weapon groups are also sought, so as to be more versatile. Monks start with two initial weapon proficiencies, and gain one every 3 levels. The penalty for a monk using a weapon with which he is not proficient is -3.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Monks have no required proficiency, and can choose from the general and rogue groups. Monks begin with 3 nonweapon proficiencies and gain one every 3 levels (3rd, 6th, 9th...)

Special Benefits:Monks receive a great deal of powers from their years of rigorous training in the monastary.

Special Hinderances: For all their abillities, monks must abide by severe restrictions.

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