Chi fighter

Specialized purist fighter.

Mystic of sorts that uses the natural energy surrounding the campaign world 
to channel through his own body. Similar to the physical adept of Shadowrun.

Ability requirements:Strength 14, Dexterity 14, Wisdom 14
Prime Requisites:Wisdom and Dexterity
Allowed Races:Human, Half Elf and Halfling.(halflings have the dexterity 
necessary for the intricate moves required)

Benefits: Meditation is used to perform special "Chi" maneuvers listed in 
tables 1 and 2

     Uses priest spell progression to determine how much Chi energy they 
can meditate for per day.(1st lever priest spell=1st level chi maneuver). 
Certain moves need not be meditated for as Chi is drawn spontaneously when 
the need arises.

     Any attack, Chi or otherwise can be used as a parry.

     Called shots using bare hands suffer only a -2 penalty.

     Every weapons slot spent on bare hands fighting gains a +1 to hit.

     Only 1 weapon proficiency may be used on a weapon per 6 levels of 
experience. All others are dedicated to bare hands fighting.No specializing 
in anything except bare hands.

     Armor must be studded leather or worse to maintain full chi benefits. 
Chain mail is permitted at Chi attacks 2 levels lower than in lesser armor.

     A Chi fighter must never intake mind altering substances ,magical or 
not, or suffer a -4 to hit and a +3 armor class for 1d20 hours after the 
substance has worn off.

     NO neutral alignment. (a chi fighter is highly believing in right and 
wrong, no middle path )

     Wealth must be carried on his person but is of little value to him.

     No ballistic/range weapons except darts.

PROFICIENCIES: Rogue, Warrior and General required: ambidextrous, tumbling 
suggested:survival, blind fighting, swimming.

     low            d3 + 10% to trip +10% to render unarmored limb useless
     high           d4
     sweep          d2  +85% to trip opponent
     knee           d2 only at very close range. 75% groin hit. If groin is 
                    hit =1.5 times dmg
     roundhouse     d6 1/round only unless Chi multiple attack move is used)
     hook           d3  +15% to K.O.
     jab            (2 times as many punches of 1 damage (+bonuses))
     elbow          d2 ( only at very close range. 75% head hit. If head is 
                    hit then 45% to KO )
     uppercut       d6 (must be last attack of turn) 40% to K.O. (-2 to hit)

     flying         d8 (1/round) knocks opponent of up to 3 times 
                    character's weight onto ground
     2-legged       d8+2 (1/round) must have room to jump first Punches
     Lunge          d6+2 must have room to stride 2 steps foreward (1/round)
     2-fisted       d8 damage (1/round)

level   Attacks learned(must be specified in advance)
 1-3                3 basic
 2-4                2 basic
 4-6                2 basic
 7                  2 basic or 1 special
 8                  2 basic or 1 special
 9                  any 2 remaining
10+                 any attack improved  (+1 to hit with every 2 levels 
                    spent on a certain move)

Chi maneuvers ( use priest spell progression)

Level 1
1 guaranteed hit
FISTS OF FURY 1 (4 attacks per round)
ABS OF STEEL (torso is immune to bludgeoning for 1 round per level)
SPRINT (2 times normal sprinting speed for constitution times 4 yards)
DODGE (75% to dodge any 1 melee attack)

Level 2
DOUBLE DAMAGE ( any 1 Strike)
FISTS OF FURY 2 (+2 damage for every strike in the round)
SIZE 1 ( grow 10 % bigger or smaller for 1 round/3 levels)
JUMP (jump your strength value straight up or sideways(in feet) from a 
EYE (force eye contact with anyone within sight)*even elves

Level 3
FOCUS (double damage on 1 guaranteed hit)
CRUSHING GRIP(d8 crushing damage/ round. Opponent escapes by passing 
     strength -2 test)
LEAP (same as jump but 1.5 times strength value)
BRONZE ( entire body has an ac of bronze plate for 1 round/3 levels + still 
     maintains dex bonuses)

Level 4
POWER ( 4 times damage on all hits in a round)
FOCUS 2 (3 times damage on 2 guaranteed hits)
FISTS OF FURY 3 ( 6 attacks per round for 1 round)
MISSILE OF FORTUNE ( any thrown object automatically hits a specified 
     target. No bladed objects)
ILLUSION ( produces an illusionary double of yourself seen by any 1 enemy. 
     Double acts exactly as you do but disappears when hit. double stands 3 
     feet to your right or left. you choose as see fit)
HURL (same as jump but with 2 times strength)
MYSTIC ARM (do punching damage from up to 30 feet away)

Level 5
LIMB CRUSHER (break d2 limbs on a successful roll with -1 to hit)
FOCUS 3 (4 times damage on 2 guaranteed hits)
OGRE STRENGTH ( 18 00/100 strength for 1 round/ 3 levels)
INTIMIDATE (casts fear spell on creatures of same or less hit dice (elves 
     too). Ineffective against magic users of all kinds)
STEEL ( entire body has an ac of 0 for 1 round per 4 levels of experience)+ 
     any dexterity bonuses.

Level 6
FISTS OF FURY 4 (8 attacks/round)
FOCUS 4 ( 6 times damage on 1 guaranteed hit)
SIZE 2 (30% larger or smaller for 3 rounds)
DEXTEROUS ( +4 dexterity for 1 round/3 levels)
LEVITATE (levitate yourself + 10 times wisdom in pounds up to 20 feet in the 
     air for 1 round/3 levels)

Level 7
BERSERKER (6 attacks, 2 of them are guaranteed, all are 3  times normal 
     damage and 15% to break a limb of your choice on the opponent)
DEXTEROUS MUTANT ( +7 dexterity for 1 round / 3 levels)
MIND CONTROL ( control anther's central nervous system for 1 round/6 levels 
     (even elves)) A successful saving throw vs spellnegates this as if it 
     were cast by a level 18 priest for normal beings. Psyonisists, and any 
     character with wisdom and intelligence scores of 15 or higher save as 
     per the normal.**this allows the Chi fighter to make the controlled 
     being do his biding.*****


1-only 1 Chi move can be used at a time, no combinations. Moves that last 
     several rounds are an exception.
2-all Chi moves are compulsive and can be used as the character is being 
     attacked, they need not be pre meditated.
3-Chi attacks are straining and a constitution check +0 must be made after 
     one is used. If the check is passed, there are no side effects. If it 
     fails, the character may only defend, not attack for the next round. 
4- If a Chi fighter's life is in dire danger of ending, he can (VERY RARELY 
     and at the DM's discretion) channel forth insane amounts of energy 
     which burst forth from his body in whatever way necessary to escape 
     death. Conditions such as an ultimately powerful levitation breaking a 
     fall or a bolt of energy blasting forth from the hands to fry a 
     ruthless blue dragon are examples and show the rarity of these 
     occurrences. For this to happen, a Chi fighter is usually one who has 
     been very consistent and form fitting to his alignment and careful in 
     the use of his abilities ALL of his career.

Chi fighter's bare hands modifiers versus armor
none, padded, cloth                100% damage
leather, studded leather, hide     80% damage
chain, brigadine, scale            60% damage
plate, full plate, field plate     40% damage

Melee attacks (unmodified by special moves)
level #attacks/round
1-6      3/1
7-12     7/2
13+      4/1

Experience Progression

Level      Experience      Hit
             Needed      dice (d8)
  1                 0       1
  2              2500       2
  3              5000       3
  4             12500       4
  5            20,000       5
  6            38,000       6
  7            70,000       7
  8           140,000       8
  9           380,000       9
 10           560,000       9+2
 11           840,000       9+4
 12         1,120,000       9+6
 13         1,400,000       9+8
 14         1,680,000       9+10
 15         1,960,000       9+12
 16         2,120,000       9+14
 17         2,400,000       9+16
 18         2,680,000       9+18
 19         2,960,000       9+20
 20         3,120,000       9+22

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