Kenjitsu Fighting Style

Kenjitsu:Form: Hard/soft. 
Combining attack and defense manuevers.
Principal method: Weapon, giving no damage or number of attacks
AC modifier: -2
     Block: 1, 2, 3, 4
     Movement: 1, 2, 5
     Mental and physical: 4, 6
Weapon: Special: 1 if weapon of choice has the weapon break ability.
2 if the weapon of choice is part of the Rope tight group.

Kensai, the kit:
A Kensai is someone who has concentrated on the mastery of a single
weapon to the exclusion of almost everything else. He puts all his faith
in his skill and not in equipment or magic. Other than his prefered
weapon, of course.

Requirements: Any non-chaotic alignment, usually Lawful. Dex and Con 15, Str and Wis 12.

Weapon proficiencies: Bonus: Kenjitsu, Weapon of choice. Required:
Specialization in weapon of choice. Recommended: any appropriate style
specializations, especially 1 handed style for the AC bonus, also
Ambidexterity, unless the weapon of choice may only be used 2 handed.
Forbidden: Anything other weapon, and weapon-and-shield styleNon weapon
proficiencies: Bonus: 1 slot to activate the appropriate tight
group for his weapon of choice to be used with Kenjitsu, Appraisal
(weapon of choice only, will recogize weapon as magical, without knowing
abilities on a successful role), Weaponsmith (weapon of choice only).
Required: Any 2 level 1 Kenjitsu manuevers. Recommended: Blindfighting,

Equipment: A Kensai MUST purchase his weapon of choice. If
sufficent funds are available he may purchase A fine weapon for 4 times
the cost (+1 to hit *OR* damage), and an exceptional weapon for 20 times
the cost (+1 to hit *AND* damage). No armor may be purchased.

Special benefits: Other than the large array of bonus profiecencies, the
Kensai's only benefit is the ability to save unspent non-weapon
proficiencies to purchase kenjitsu manuevers at the allowed rate of 2
per level. If a teacher can be found. The teacher does NOT need to be a
master of the same weapon unless weapon manuevers are being

Special Hindrances: A Kensai will not wear armor or use a shield. Nor
will a Kensai use any magic to improve skill, or protect as armor. No
Bracers of Defense, Rings, etc, of Protection, Magic weapons or the like
(Some might used a magic weapon that gives no bonus to hit or damage,
simply considering it "blessed").A Kensai will also not use an item that
temporarily modifies stats or level, such as many Ioun stones. The
Kensai's life long goal is mastery of self and weapon.The various Tomes
and Manuals are exceptions to this. The Treastises are considered
instructional sources. No Kensai objects to learning more about
how to train themselves, whether in weapon mastery or self mastery.Items
and spells that cause permenant changes to stats, such as a Wish, are
left to the personal interpretation of the individual (and his DM).

Wealth options: Standard, although a weapon of quality is often
purchased, leaving little to spend on other equipment.

Races: Any humanoid (to be able to learn kenjitsu) race allowed to be a
single classed fighter, who can find a teacher willing to teach the
prefered weapon. Normal level limits apply. If, for some reason, a race
is not allowed weapon specialization, the race is, obviously,

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