By Ian R Malcomson and Phillip Riley

Lvl   XP          d10
---   ----------- ---
  1   0           1
  2   3000        2
  3   5500        3
  4   10000       4
  5   22000       5
  6   44000       6
  7   88000       7
  8   150000      8
  9   250000      9
 10   500000      9+2
 11   750000      9+4
 12   1000000     9+6
 13   1250000     9+8
(etc) (+250000)   (+2)

Ability Requirements:	Strength 12
			Dexterity 14
			Wisdom 12
Races Allowed:		Hengeyokai, Human, Spirit Folk
Kensai menas "sword saint" or "sword master" and is uaually applied to characters who have perfected the art of fighting with the sword. In the Oriental Adventures game this is broadened to include almost any type of weapon or fighting skill. Thus, there may be kensai who use halberds, kensai who use swords, kensai wo use unarmed fighting styles, etc. The player is allowed to choose the kensai character's special weapon. In all cases, it is the kensai's aim to become the perfect master of his weapon. For the man and weapon to become one, acting on a single thought, is the ultimate goal of a kensai.
To achieve this the kensai must master his weapon and himself, and must study and learn other arts. He must practice daily with his weapon, condition his body and purify his spirit though meditation and ordeal. He must acquire proficiencies in different peacful arts as well as be absolutely dedicated to his goal.
A Kensai must purchase Proficiency and "Weapon of Choice" for a specific weapon or Martial Art style.
Kensai gain double XP for defeating another Kensai in a duel. They only gain 1/2 normal XP if a situation/encounter was overcome using a weapon other than their Weapon of Choice.
Kensai do not receive the normal Warrior Weapon Proficiency CPs. They only receive 2 CPs during generation specifically for Weapon Proficiencies.
Kensai have 75 character points to spend on their abilities. Any unspent poinst can be used to acquire non weapon proficiencies or saved for use during the game. A standard kensai spends his character points to acquire the abilities of Damage Ki, Natural Armor Class, Initiave Bonus, meditation, two handed fighting (10), followers, immunity, Psycic Deul, Suprise Bonus, and whirlwind attack.

Optional Restrictions

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