S&P Oriental Adventures Classes

Bushi: Masterless warriors, men without ties to a lord, temple, or monastery. They are commonly mercenariew, bandits, highwaymen, or wanderers, earning money however they can. By: Ian Malcomson and Phillip Riley.

Kensai: Dedicated sword masters who have mastered their weapons and themselves. By: Ian Malcomson and Phillip Riley.

Monk: Asetics who learn their skills at on of the several monastic enclaves found throught Kara-Tur.By: Ian Malcomson and Phillip Riley.

Ninja: Invisible warriors; spies and assassins practiced in the skills of concealment, stealth, trickery, disguise, acrobatics, and assasination. By: Ian Malcomson and Phillip Riley.

Samurai: Honerable warriors whose prime duty is to serve and obey his daimyo in all things.By: Ian Malcomson and Phillip Riley.

In the Works

Barbarians: Tough hardy fighters, hardened by the savage land of their birth.

Piao Shih: Professional caravan guards. Martial artists worthy of comparison with any Shaolin priest.

Shukenja: A wandering priest or monk who has accepted a life of hardship and poverty.

Sohei: Warrior monks, religious soldiers who protect large monasteries.

Wu Jen: Sorcerors, men of mysterious powers who command the elements, spirit forces and the very powers of nature.

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