By Ian Malcomson and Phillip Riley

Lvl   XP            d10
---   ------------- ---
 1    0              1
 2    1500           2
 3    3000           3
 4    6000           4
 5    14000          5
 6    30000          6
 7    60000          7
 8    120000         8
 9    240000         9
10    480000        9+2
11    710000        9+4
12    1000000       9+6
(etc) (+250000)     (+2)

Ability Requirements:	Strength 9
			Dexterity 8
			Constitution 8
Prime Requisite:	Strength
Races Allowed:		Any
Bushi are masterless warriors, men without a lord, temple, or monastery. They are commonly mercenaries, bandits, highwaymen, or wanderers, earning their money however they can. They ca be found serving samurai, protecting the court, or swelling the ranks of armies. A few may be kensai who have fallen by the way. Most, however, are men of low birth who have chosen the way of the warrior to advance in the world.

A bushi's prime requisite is Strength. A bushi character must have ninimum scores of 9 in Strength an 8 in Dexterity and Constitution. Bushi characters whith Strength 14 or greater gain a 10% bonus on all experience.

Bushi are quite often poor and find it diffucult to buy and maintian their equipment. Even though bushi are poor, they are seldom out of work. There is always a need for a stout warrior or at least a strong hand. Just as the nobles have their samurai to protect them, the peasants and merchant folk often look on the bushi for protection. The pay usually is not good, but it provides for a bushi's basic needs. Thus a bushi in a friendly or neutral village can always find employment, food, and shelter. The food may be thin rice gruel and the shelter a leaky stable, but something will always be available.

Bushi have 55 character points to spend on abilities. Any unspent poinst can be used to acquire non weapon proficiencies or saved for use during the game. A standard Bushi spends his character points to acquire the abilities of Armor Class Bonus, Find Equipment, Pick Pockets, Kiai, Followers at Ninth, Birth Table.
Optional Restrictions

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