Lvl   XP          d10
---   ----------- ---
 1    0            1
 2    2500         2
 3    5000         3
 4    10000        4
 5    18000        5
 6    36500        6
 7    75000        7
 8    135000       8
 9    235000       9
10    400000      9+2
11    650000      9+4
12    1000000     9+6
(etc) (+300000)   (+2)

Ability Scores: Strength 13
		Constitution 13
		Intelligence 14
		Wisdom 13
Races Allowed:	Human, Korobokuru, Spirit Folk
Samurai must gain certain Proficiencies (Weapon and/or Non-weapon) by the time they attain certain levels, as per:
Katana at 1st level
Ride [Land] by 2nd level
Daikyu by 3rd level
Calligraphy by 6th level
Music by 6th level
Poetry by 6th level
Painting by 6th level

Samurai are honour-bound to their daimyo (lord). They must abide by the code of Bushido, which includes rules for honourable conduct in social life, on the battlefield, and in service to the daimyo. An honourless/masterless Samurai is a Ronin. PCs may not begin play as Ronin, except by purchasing the "Ronin Status" trait below.

A Ronin may not gain followers, or become jito or shugo, whether the Character has become Ronin through play, or by purchase of the "Ronin Status" trait. Note that a PC that does not start as Ronin, but becomes Ronin, may then redeem himself and regain the possibility of jito and shugo responsibilities. A PC that begins as Ronin through the purchase of the Ronin Status trait may redeem himself, but may never achieve jito or shugo status.

A Player must purchase Jito and Shugo status to have the opportunity of gaining those responsibilities. However, purchase of these advantages does not necessarily indicate that the status will be automatically achieved upon attaining the indicated level. It is the decision of the daimyo (ie, the Dungeon Master, based on his role-playing of the daimyo) as to whether these positions are finally offered or not.

Samurai have 85 character points to spend on their abilities. Any unspent poinst can be used to acquire non weapon proficiencies or saved for use during the game.

Optional Restrictions

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