Experience   Hit
Lvl  Needed       dice (d4)
---  ----------   --
 1            0    2
 2         2250    3
 3         4750    4
 4        10000    5
 5        22500    6
 6        47500    7
 7        98000    8
 8       200000    9
 9       350000   10
10       500000   11
11       700000   12
12       950000   13
13      1250000   14
14      1750000   15
15      2250000   16
16      2750000   17
17      3250000+  18
	Monks do not advance beyond 17th level.

Ability requirements: Strength 15
                      Dexterity 15
		      Constitution 11
		      Wisdom 15
Monks are ascetics who learn their skills at one of the several monastic enclaves found throughout Kara-Tur. Their spiritual training enphasizes the simultaneous development of the mind and body as a path to understanding and enlightenment. Perfection, for them, lies in perfect control of thier own spirit-achieving harmony between min and body. To this end they become masters of combat forms, both armed and unarmed, not to become great fighters but to learn their physical powers and limitations. At the same time they undergo a rigorous mental discipline, honing their minds to perceive and understand the mysteries of the cosmos. Although they can perform incredible physical and mental feats, they cannot perform ceremonies or cast spells. Monks are attached to a monastery but do not receive the religious training that makes a shukenja or a sohei, and are not considered clergy.

Monks must:
  Control and moderate their feelings/emotions
  Cannot own mounts
  Only keep money they require to live
  May never own land/property (but may establish a monestary)
  May own a maximum of 2 magical weapons
  May own a maximum of 3 magical non-weapons
  Are limited to use of rings, or items usable by thief or monk
  Cannot wear armour
  Are limited in weaponry
  There can only be 3 8th lvl Monks per monestary
  There can only be 1 Monk of each lvl 9th to 17th per monestary
  They are limited to 2 henchmen at 6th lvl, +1 per level thereafter
  Henchmen must be Shukenja, Bushi or Ninja, and must be with the Monk by
       choice (ie, they cannot earn a wage).

Weapons: any martial arts weapons, handaxe, boku-toh, chijiriki,
     crossbow, dagger, daikyu, halberd, javelin, kama, kusari-gama, lasso,
     naginata, parang, spear or trident

They must take the Religion and Calligraphy NWPs.
Monks have 200 character points to spend on their abilities. Any unspent poinst can be used to acquire non-weapon proficiencies or saved for use during the game.

[Monks gain 20 percentile points for Thieves Abilities at 1st level, +15 points per level thereafter]

All Monk special abilities that are gained at specific levels (eg, immune to disease @ 5th level) may be purchased to become active 2 levels earlier than listed by spending an additional 50% CPs on the ability (round up). For example, Immune to Disease can be purchased for use at 3rd level for a cost of 8 CPs.

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