Ninjas are a special case. They are the only instance in which a Human Character can, effectively, operate as a multi-Classed Character. A Ninja's second Class must be Bushi, Wu-jen or Yakuza.

Any Character following the Ninja Class must do so abiding by the rules given for Multi-Classed Characters provided in the PHB and PO: S&P books, with the exception of averaging hit dice rolls. Instead, a Ninja must halve any hit die roll made for his non-Ninja Class, then add the "Additional Hit Points" from the table below. Con modifiers are applied after halving the initial roll.
Lvl  XP            Additional Hit Points
---  ------------- ---------------------
 1   0             1d2
 2   4000          1d2
 3   8000          1d2
 4   15000         1d2
 5   30000         1d2
 6   60000         1d2
 7   120000        1d2
 8   240000        1d2
 9   500000        1d2
10   1000000        1
11   1300000        1
12   1600000        1
13   1900000        1
(etc) (+300000)    (+1)

Ability Requirements:	Dexterity 14
			Intelligence 15
			Charisma 14
Races Allowed:		Human

Ninja, regardless of second Class, use the Rogue Saving Throw table.

A Ninja must maintain his own Honour above that of his family.

Ninja gain 50 percentile points for their Thief Abilities at 1st level, and 20 points each level thereafter. No more than 25 points (at 1st level) or 10 points (beyond) may be spent on a single Ability.

Ninja have 105 character points to spend on their abilities. Any unspent poinst can be used to acquire non weapon proficiencies or saved for use during the game. A standard ninja spends his character points to acquire the abilities of Backstab (10), Break Fall, Climb Walls, Disguise, Escape Bonds, Find/Remove Traps, Hide in Shadows, Hold Breath (Ki), Move Silently, Open Locks, Pole Vault, Tightrope Walk, Walk on Water, Walk through walls.

Optional Restrictions

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