Oriental Adventures

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Racial Level Limits
Oriental Classes
Oriental Proficiencies
Oriental Martial Arts
Oriental Spells
	I had several requests for my conversion of the Oriental Adventures
rules to 2nd-Edition AD&D, after I offered them in reply to the monk
thread. I'm sorry that I didn't post it sooner, but I had to wait until my
PC, which contained the hard drive holding the files, arrived from it's
summer storage. Please note that I haven't looked at these rules for a while
so some things could use improvement. They are an ongoing project, though,
so please tell me any suggestions or problems that you might have. So here
they are, a bit late, but hopefully valuable nonetheless.

			   |Oriental Adventures|

	At the beginning of last summer I got the OA hardback, and decided
that I would be a lot better off if I could play OA under the 2nd-Edition
AD&D rules. So, I decided to go through all of the basics and make the
conversions. What follows is my conversion of the OA rules to 2nd-Edition.
This is not a replacement for the OA hardback (since I reference it for many
spells, proficiencies, abilities, etc.), but simply a summary of the main
rules, simplified and with the ability to include some non-OA classes (such
as Psionicists and Specialty Priests). Do not try to use these rules without
the OA hardback, as many of them are not understandable without their
explanations in the hardback, which I have omitted here in order to save
typing time. I have also found these rules to be a useful source when one
needs to find rules or info in a hurry. Any rules here pre-empt the ones in
the OA hardback, and any rules not included here default to those listed
in 2nd-Edition AD&D, or when absent or unsuitable there, to those in the OA
hardback. For instance, all weapons and equipment are taken from the OA
hardback, while all spells are taken from the 2nd-Edition materials,
excepting those not included there (listed later). The notable exception
was that I kept the OA proficiency system, since it is necessary for the
martial arts system to work. I did, however, blend the actual proficiencies
between OA and the 2nd-Edition system. The order of preference for the 
source of proficiencies is mostly the same as that for rules as stated
above. I have included a list of useable proficiencies, in the OA
	These rules have been given a lot of thought, but very little
playtesting. I invite anyone to email me (kurgan@mit.edu) to make comments
or suggestions, to point out mistakes, or to show me any different or
additional rules that they have come up with. I hope to improve these rules
over time, so any help would be appreciated. My goal is simply to allow
those who are interested to continue playing OA despite T$R's lack of support
of it.
	I included comments with each section to describe what it contains
and how I came up with it. Feel free to alter or discard any rules in here.
After all it's your game, not mine, an you know what's best. The sections
are, a listing of character classes and their abilities , a listing of
proficiencies, a list of martial arts special maneuvers, sample martial arts
styles, and a listing of oriental spells.

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