Oriental Spells
	This is a list of all spells listed in the OA hardback which are not
covered in the standard 2nd-Edition materials. These spells, as well as all
those included in teh PHB, Tome of Magic, etc. can be made available to
Oriental characters as the DM wishes. Any other spells from the OA hardback
should not be used, as their 2nd-Edition equivalents are more appropriate.
Note that the elemental system does not agree fully with the OA elemental
system, but I decided to keep it in order to agree with existing rules.
Those who wish to be purely Oriental are should feel free to create their own
earth/fire/air/water/wood (as in OA) or earth/metal/fire/water/wood (as in
the real Orient, as far as I know) system, and tell me about it.)

Spell Schools:                          Spell Spheres:
Abj             Abjuration              All             All
Alt             Alteration              Ani             Animal
Con/Sum         Conjuration             Ast             Astral
GDv             Greater Divination      Cao             Chaos
LDv             Lesser Divination       Cha             Charm
ElA             Elemental Air           Com             Combat
ElE             Elemental Earth         Cre             Creation
ElF             Elemental Fire          Div             Divination
ElW             Elemental Water         ElA             Elemental Air 
Enc/Cha         Enchantment/Charm       ElE             Elemental Earth
Ill/Pha         Illusion/Phantasm       ElF             Elemental Fire
Inv/Evo         Invocation/Evocation    ElW             Elemental Water
Nec             Necromancy              Gua             Guardian
Wil             Wild Magic              Hea             Healing
					Law             Law
					Nec             Necromantic
					Num             Numbers
					Pla             Plant
					Pro             Protection
					Sum             Summoning
					Sun             Sun
					Tho             Thought
					Tim             Time
					Tra             Travellers
					War             War
					Wrd             Wards
					Wea             Weather

Priest Spells:
* = reversible

1st Level:
Spell                           Sphere(s)        Location (OA Page)

Animal Companion                Ani,Sum                 57
Calm                            Cha                     57
Deflection*                     Pro                     57
Detect Disease                  Div                     58
Detect Harmony                  Div                     58
Detect Poison                   Div                     58
Divining Rod                    Div                     58
Know History                    Div                     58
Omen                            Div                     58
Resist                          Pro                     59
Trance                          Div                     59
Weapon Bless                    Com                     59

2nd Level:
Spell                           Sphere(s)        Location (OA Page)

Aid                             All                     59
Commune with Lesser Spirit      Div                     59
Create Spring*                  Cre,ElW                 60
Detect Life                     Div                     60
Dream Sight                     Div                     60
Know Motivation                 Div                     61
Protection from Spirits         Pro                     61
Request                         Cha                     61
Slow Poison                     Hea                     61
Snake Summoning                 Ani,Sum                 61
Warning                         Div,Pro                 62

3rd Level:
Spell                           Sphere(s)        Location (OA Page)

Castigate                       Com                     62
Death's Door                    Hea                     62
Detect Curse                    Div                     62
Dream Vision*                   Cha,Div                 63
Flame Walk                      Pro                     63
Invisibility to Spirits         Pro                     63
Levitate                        All                     63
Oath*                           Cha                     63
Possess Animal                  Ani                     64
Substitution                    Hea,Pro                 64

4th Level:
Spell                           Sphere(s)        Location (OA Page)

Detect Shapechanger             Div                     65
Endurance*                      Hea                     65
Exorcise                        Pro                     65
Fate                            Div,Tim                 65
Pacify                          Cha,Pro                 66
Penetrate Disguise              Div                     66
Polymorph Self                  Ani                     66
Reanimation                     Nec                     66
Remorse                         Cha                     66
Reward                          Cre                     66
Snake Barrier                   Ani,Wrd                 67
Sustain                         Hea                     67

5th Level:
Spell                           Sphere(s)        Location (OA Page)

Commune with Greater Spirit     Div                     67
Possess                         Cha,Tho                 68
Remember*                       Cha,Tho                 68
Strength                        com,Nec                 68

6th Level:
Spell                           Sphere(s)        Location (OA Page)

Force Shapechange               Cha                     69
Immunity to Weapons*            Com,Pro                 69
Inanimate Servant               Cre                     69
Instruct                        Cha                     69
Invisibility to Enemies         Pro                     70
Longevity                       Nec                     70
Quickgrowth*                    Pla                     70
Smite                           All                     70

7th Level:
Spell                           Sphere(s)        Location (OA Page)

Ancient Curse*                  All                     70
Compel                          Cha                     71
Divine Wind                     Wea                     71
Restore Spirit                  Nec,Tho                 72

Wizard Spells:
* = reversible

1st Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Accuracy*                       Enc/Cha                 74
Animate Wood                    Alt                     74
Chameleon                       Ill/Pha                 75
Cloud Ladder                    Alt                     75
Drowsy Insects                  Con/Sum                 75
Elemental Burst                 Con,El(All)             75
Fiery Eyes                      Alt,ElF                 75
Ghost Light                     Con                     75
Hail of Stone                   Con/Sum,ElE             76
Know History                    LDv                     76 (58)
Melt                            Alt,ElF                 76
Message                         Alt                     76
Prestidigitation*               Con                     76
Secret Signs                    Alt                     76
Still Water*                    Alt,ElW                 77
Swim*                           Alt,ElW                 77
Warp Wood                       Alt                     77
Water Protection                Alt,ElW                 77

2nd Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Animal Companion                Enc/Cha                 78 (57)
Apparition                      Ill/Pha                 78
Animate Water                   Con/Sum,ElW             78
Enchanted Blade                 Evo                     78
Fire Shuriken                   Evo,ElF                 79
Omen                            Ldv                     80 & 58
Protection from Charm           Abj                     80
Smoke Shape                     Alt,ElA                 80
Smoky Form                      Alt,ElA                 80
Wind Breath                     Evo,ElA                 81
Whip                            Evo                     81

3rd Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Animate Fire                    Con/Sum,ElF             81
Cloudburst                      Alt,ElA,ElW             82
Commune with Lesser Spirit      Ldv                     82 (59)
Detect Shapechanger             Ldv                     82 (65)
Disguise                        Ill/Pha                 82
Fabricate                       Enc/Cha                 82
Face*                           Enc/Cha,Ill/Pha         82
Fire Rain                       Evo,ElF                 83
Fire Wings                      Alt,ElF                 83
Magnetism*                      Alt,ElE                 83
Memory*                         Enc/Cha                 83
Steam Breath                    Evo,ElA                 84
Scry                            Ldv,El(All)             84
Wood Shape                      Alt                     84

4th Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Bargain                         Enc/Cha                 84
Dancing Blade                   Evo                     85
Dispel Illusion                 Abj                     85
Dream Vision*                   Inv                     85 (63)
Elemental Turning               Abj,El(All)             85
Emotion                         Enc/Cha                 85
Fire Enchantment                Enc/Cha,ElF             85
Melt Metal                      Evo,ElF                 86
Quell                           Enc/Cha                 86
Reverse Flow*                   Alt                     86
Shout                           Evo                     86
Spectral Force                  Ill/Pha                 86
Transfix                        Enc/Cha                 87
Vengeance                       Inv                     87

5th Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Aiming at the Target            Inv                     87
Creeping Darkness               Evo,ElA                 88
Fire Breath                     Evo,ElF                 88
Ironwood                        Alt                     88
Mass                            Alt,ElE                 88
Metal Skin                      Alt,ElE                 88
Servent Horde                   Con/Sum                 89
Spirit Self                     Alt                     89
Sword of Deception              Evo                     89
Water to Poison*                Alt,ElW                 90
Wood Rot*                       Evo                     90

6th Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Aura*                           GDv                     90
Gambler's Luck                  Enc/Cha,Inv             90
Metal to Rust,                  Alt,ElE                 91
Pain                            Inv                     91
Speak with Dead                 Nec                     PHB 214
Spiritwrack                     Abj,Evo                 91
Sword of Darkness               Evo,Nec                 92
Vessel                          Con                     92
Warp Stone                      Alt,ElE                 92

7th Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Body outside Body               Con                     92
Commune with Greater Spirit     GDv                     92 (67)
Elemental Servant               Con/Sum,Enc/Cha,El(All) 93
Ice Blight*                     Evo,Sum,ElW             93
Obedience                       Enc,Evo                 93
Reanimation                     Nec                     94 & 66
Tool                            Con/Sum                 94
Withering Palm                  Evo                     94

8th Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Call                            Con/Sum                 94
Cloud Trapeze                   Alt,ElA                 94
Finding the Center              Alt,Inv                 94
Giant Size*                     Alt                     95
Summoning Wind                  Alt,ElA                 95
Surelife                        Alt                     96
Whirlwind                       Con/Sum,ElA             96

9th Level:
Spell                           School(s)        Location (OA Page)

Astral Spell                    Evo                     PHB 231 (casting
Instant Regeneration            Nec                     96        time 9)
Internal Fire                   Evo,ElF                 97
Planar Call                     Con/Sum                 97
Summon Spirit                   Con/Sum,Nec             97
Tsunami                         Evo                     97

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