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Dungeons And Dragons Resources   Dungeons And Dragons:
TSR/WOTCI has published many Asian products.
Oriental Adventures Second Edition   Gamebooks:
Oriental Advetures Gamebooks.
Dragon Fist
The RPG of Martial Arts Action.
Dragons of the East Mailing List
A list for all Oriental RPG's.
Forgotten Lore
Comming Soon!
Forgotten Lore Mailing List
The 3E project for Kara Tur, Al Qadim, and Maztica.
Gold Rush Games
Publishers of the Sengoku RPG.
Hengeyokai of Japan
A disertation on Oriental Adventures.
Jap/Eng Dictionary
Need a translation?
Kingdom of Tianguo
Dragon Fist Adventure.
Lord Stevil's 3E Oriental
Lord Stevil's 3E Oriental Adventures.
Lovely Asia
A Guide to Asian Role-Playing Games.
Nerd World
Martial Arts Resources.
Ninja Page
A great dissertation on Ninjutsu.
Oriental Adventures
The Forgotten Realms Books.
Polvo's Dojo
Polvo's OA Site
QBall's Knarly FRPG Page
Martial Arts Skill.
rec.martial-arts FAQ
Great Martial Arts Resource.
RPG list
An encyclopedia of Role-Playing Games.
The Gamebook Database
Everything you ever wanted to know about gamebooks.
World of Aldor
A campaign with many martial arts available.
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