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Title: Blade of the Young Samurai
Code: Endless Quest 23
TSR No.: 8521

Product Line: Endless Quest
Type of Product: Adventure Novel
Primary Credits: Morris Simon
Release Date: 1984
Cover Price: $2.25
Components: A 157 page book with many pages of black & white decent artwork.

Description: For ten years, you have been trained in the fighting skills of a samurai warrior. Now, with rival factions battling for control of the empire, you face your first and most important quest - at the request of the emperor himself, with the fate of the empire hanging in the balance!

Contributed by: Eadric

Title: Test of the Ninja
Code: AD&D Adventure Gamebook 5
TSR No.: 8955

Product Line: AD&D Adventure Gamebook
Type of Product: Adventure Novel
Primary Credits: Curtis Smith
Release Date: 1985
Cover Price: $2.50
Components: A 189 page game book

Description: You are a samurai in training and must pass many challenges on your way to becoming a warrior.

Contributed by: Demian Katz

Title: Warlords
Code: 1 on 1 Book 7
TSR No.: 8467

Product Line: 1 on 1
Type of Product: Adventure Novel
Primary Credits: David Cook
Release Date: 1986
Cover Price: $5.95
Components: Book 1 - 8467XXX7501 - 160 pages, Book 2 - 8467XXX7502 - 160 pages

Description: Inside are two books for you and a friend to use in playing an all-new kind of adventure.

One of you will take the part of Prince Matabei, dispossessed of his kingdom by his uncle, Lord Kenshin, who will be played by the other player.

In the dead of night, on a fog-shrouded coast, the prince returns to Tsuke, his former kingdom. During the coming days he must investigate the entire province, locate Lord Kenshin's troops, and determine who is for him and who against. At the same time, Lord Kenshin will be fighting to keep control in a land that has come to hate him.

Either of you can win . . . and either of you can die.

This is an exciting game of hand-to-hand combat, troop movements, and subtle negotiation, all in the oriental style. No dice are required. Instead, a traditional paper-scissors-rock game determines the outcome of combat and other encounters. All you need to start is one friend and two pencils!

Contributed by: Demian Katz

Last Updated: 12.15.2000
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