Martial Arts follow the same basic rules for Proficiency and
Specialisation, except that Non-Proficiency and Familiarity penalties
can never apply - if a Character does not know a particular art, he
cannot use it.

This, of course, only applies to specific martial arts. Boxing, for
example, is a martial art, but pummeling is not, even though the two
are, on the surface, similar.

A Character can increase the Proficiency level of his art by spending
the listed amount of CPs, as long as he is the required level (see
below). A Character gains additional Special Maneuvers in his art by
spending 2 CPs per maneuver. The maneuvers must be bought in order.

A Character may not become Specialised until he has gained at least one
of the special maneuvers. He cannot become a Master until he has gained
at least half of the listed maneuvers. He cannot become a High Master
until at least 3/4 of the maneuvers have been gained. Without knowing
all the maneuvers for a specific art, a Character cannot become a Grand

A Character may select a Martial Art to become his "Weapon of Choice".
In this case, a +1 bonus to the art's AC also applies, in addition to
the +1 To Hit and Damage.

Because the number of attacks per round a Character gains using an art
depends on the art used, the following table should be used for no. of
attacks at Expertise Proficiency level and above.

No. Attacks    1-6    7-12    13+
-----------    ---    ----    ---
    1          3/2    2/1     5/2
   3/2         2/1    5/2     3/1
   2/1         5/2    3/1     7/2
   5/2         3/1    7/2     4/1
   3/1         7/2    4/1     9/2

Martial Arts CP
Costs in CPs of gaining different Prof. level of martial arts, with
minimum level requirements given in parenthesis.

Class         Prof  WoC   Expt   Spec   Mast   HMast   GMast
------------- ----  ----  ----   ----   ----   -----   -----
Barbarian      3    n/a   n/a    n/a    n/a    n/a     n/a
Bushi          2     2     3      3(3)   5(6)   10(10)  15(13)
Kensai         2     *     2      2(2)   4(5)    8(8)   16(10)
Monk           2**  n/a    2**    2**    2**     4      10
Ninja          3     2     3      3(1)   6(3)  n/a     n/a
Samurai        4    n/a    3      3(2)   6(5)  n/a     n/a
Shukenja       3    n/a*** 6      6(4)  n/a    n/a     n/a
Sohei          4     3     4      4(3)  n/a    n/a     n/a
Wu-jen         3     3     3      3(1)   6(5)   12(9)  n/a
Yakuza         4     4     4      4(2)  n/a    n/a     n/a

* Kensai must take their "Weapon of Choice" as part of their Class
abilities. Their Weapon of Choice may be a martial art style.

** Applies to Styles outside of that taught by their own monestary. A
Monk is barred from learning another Martial Art until he has attained
at least Master level in the one taught by his monestary.

*** Shukenja may never select a Weapon of Choice

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